Our customers

Restaurants, retail, new food experiences


Authentic and innovative products

Whether your restaurant can accommodate 10 guests or 200, selecting and purchasing the ingredients is a time and energy consuming process…

For restaurants, we are a reliable partner for the supply of authentic ingredients for traditional dishes, and the ideal partner to discover new food trends, and to offer your patrons enticing and fine new products.


At the shops' and mass retail's service, with our assortment

Spaghetti di soia, shirataki, samosa, arepas…

Up until a few years ago, you had to go to a restaurant to savour exotic dishes. Today, people want to cook them at home, with ingredients they can purchase at the supermarket.

We can offer retail and mass retail both traditional food and new products, as searched for by the Italian consumers and by the many ethnic communities in Italy.

New food experiences

Flexibility, assortment and product scouting

Dine-out trends are growing fast.

Next to bars and pubs, the new offer is now for fusion solutions or single-specialty shops, such as bubble tea bars, deli-burgers, or the trending Chinese and Japanese dumplings that require specific products, as rare as valuable, in order to offer their gourmandise.

Yet also hotels, as well as catering and wedding services, can widen their food offer thanks to Uniontrade, that can offer consultancy, products and tools for an excellent preparation of traditional and fusion ethnic dishes.


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