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A tailored service for every customer, from specialty shops to mass retail chains, from small restaurants to catering services.
Our 30-year history

Who we are

We are a modern import/export company, focused on ethnic food, mindful of the needs of the many ethnic communities in Italy and in Europe.

Our business started in 1985 with the takeover of an important Italian company; we brought in a large Customer base particularly oriented to Chinese food services. The company then took the name of China Trading, and after several development stages over a few years it took a new seat at a warehouse with offices in Segrate, in the province of Milan. There, the activity continued until the end of 2005 with great success. With the years passing, in a context of growing markets, it became necessary to think of a further development of the company, as well as of a new name, better suited to the broadened business.

So, in January 2006 under the new name of Uniontrade, the business moved to the municipality of Peschiera Borromeo, in the province of Milan.

In January 2019 Uniontrade became an SpA.

The beating heart of Uniontrade

from over 30 years

Our warehouse

Optimized product management

The new, modern, and fully equipped 8.500sqm area, hosts the large Uniontrade warehouse, an important point of reference for any need on the ethnic products market that can supply every food channel from specialised shops to mass retail, from sushi bars to traditional restaurants.


We deliver across the entire Italian Peninsula

Our trucks fleet, and the collaboration with the best national couriers, allow for fast deliveries Italy-wide, and, where needed, can guarantee an unbroken cold chain.

A quality service

For customers, suppliers, partners, collaborators

Our quality system, certified ISO 9001 for our headquarters in Via Mattei in Peschiera Borromeo, is expressed in our manifesto and focuses on the quality of the products, the quality of the proposals and the quality of the solutions we offer to all those who come into contact with our reality. The actions we undertake maintain and develop over time our position of excellence among companies supplying products and foods for the catering and retail sector. Our ambitious goals in terms of quality are achieved by encouraging and supporting staff training activities, investing in the marketing, research, services, organization and administration sectors.

Our products



Tradition and novelty from five continents

In the field of ethnic food, Uniontrade explores the five continents by finding and bringing to Italy both traditional products and the novelties that alternate in the dynamic panorama of international food. The more than 3000 references in the catalog are constantly updated and integrated with the products we test and alongside our bestsellers to give you quality and variety at your order.

Non food

Tools for cooking, presenting, preserving

Every food needs the right elements to be preserved, just as every dish needs the right tools to be prepared, presented and – if necessary – transported. It is with the aim of giving you all the right products for your kitchens that Uniontrade has gradually expanded the offer of non-food products: blast chillers, rice cookers, pottery, knives, dishes, sushi boats, containers of all kinds and types …


Remote lands’ taste, in a sip

Sodas, exotic and non-exotic juices, iced teas, syrups and ready-made. But also beers, sake, wine, liqueurs, spirits and whiskeys. Beverage’s world imported by Uniontrade expresses itself in all the typologies and allows you to evoke distant lands from the first sip!


Exotic fruit and vegetables

Passion fruit, avocado, granadilla, mangosteen, mais morado, kale, Chinese cabbage… the world of exotic fruit and vegetables is full of healthy food which enrich your culinary offer for all, and even more for the growing vegan and vegetarian trends.

An easy way to stand out, that Uniontrade offers exclusively at its Cash&Carry.

Frozen Food

Frozen Food and ready-to-serve dishes

Uniontrade customers can find a complete offer of what they might need in their business.

Therefore, our catalogue includes a range of frozen items, from basic ingredients such as meat, vegetables, fish, eggs, shellfish and fruit pulp that are ideal for the food service sector, to convenience food for the household, perfect for the increasing request of variety in retail. The assortment is completed by exotic-flavoured ice creams and ice cream-filled mochi.



Biyori is a brand born from the meeting of culture and cuisine and the richness of traditions. We want to bring Italy closer to the colors, smells and tastes of Japan

The line of products for creating bubble tea, the mouthwatering new proposition that's been popular all over the world, now also in Italy

A fresh, light-bodied beer with herbaceous hints and a delicate flavor of green tea, the ingredient that gives it its unmistakable color


The rice line for ethnic cuisine

Kathay is our ethnic food store located in downtown Milan, also conducts online sales. Inside the store also porcelain and non-food products

Our catalogues

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